Who Me?

I am obsessed with two things, football and baking. I am and will always be a Bret Favre fan. I'm not sure why, but there is something about him that I just admire. Plus I'm a quarterback kind of girl, but that's besides the point. When I'm not watching football, I bake. My dream is to one day (after I work for the NFL) open my own bakery. I had been pondering for quite some time what type of blog I wanted to create when the idea came to me. I have been using multiple cookbooks for a while now, as they are a staple in my kitchen, and since most everything I have made has turned out well, I thought, why not see what else I can do! So I have decided to make this my project. I am going to bake everything I can and see how well it turns out. Cookies, dinners, hors d'oeuvres, you name it I'll bake it!  I will keep all of you updated with posts and photos, and you can follow along with me. Enjoy!